You're here because you want to apply to be a speaker at ProductCamp
  • Common sense trumps rules :)
  • The speaker must condense the core idea behind his talk into 1-2 sentences. Ideally they would include a short synopsis as well.
  • The talk must not be a verbatim recount of articles or books, and not be completely obvious. Unique talks that feature the speaker's personal experience are preferred. It that talk was already given somewhere be sure to brush it up and add something unique, for example some interactive elements.
  • Talks that feature honest studies of errors and failures are a priority.
  • No more than two talks from one company.
  • If two talks score the same, priority will be given to the speaker that has not yet participated the camp.
  • If a speaker can't be reached for 5 days straight they will be moved to the Extended category and substituted with the next talk.
  • The perfect talk is structured as a story, with a premise, development, culmination and an epilogue - this will keep the audience engaged.
  • Interactivity is a plus. If your talk actively engages your audience we will prioritize it.
  • All the facts, numbers and case studies should be actual and not fudged (excluding those covered by an NDA).
  • Interactive formats such as workshops and clinics are always a priority
  • Q&A sessions and panel discussions are admissible, but less desireable.
  • Interactive talks activities can be picked for their fun factor or the speaker's personality, but must still be relevant to the audience and the camp's theme.